25 th anniversary of the Assyrian-Chaldean Catholic Mission foundation in Georgia

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25 th anniversary of the Assyrian-Chaldean Catholic Mission foundation in Georgia
03.05.2020 / article / #events#mission

25 years have passed since the Assyrian -Chaldean Catholic Mission in Georgia was founded on May 3, 1995. The Mission's initial task was to explain and spread the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, however, taking into consideration difficult economic background, the Mission decided to develop humanitarian and educational projects along with spiritual activities (it is still working on these three vital areas for the development and integration of the community. Currently, this work is actively going on in the Assyrian-Chaldean Catholic Church of St. Martyr Mar Shemmon Bar Sabbae, which was consecrated in Tbilisi on October 17, 2009).

The Mission's activities in Georgia began at the most difficult time in the history of the independence country and its citizens. The Mission experienced all the challenges of those difficult years and went through all the stages of the state formation. It advanced, gained experience, grieved and rejoiced together with Georgia, sympathizing with the young Republic, which was striving to assert itself in the world community.

Starting a Mission with such a complex socio-economic condition as well as telling people about spiritual food when they could hardly get earthly food, was, of course, not easy, but "It is written that man will not live by bread alone, but by every word of God" (Luke 4, 4). Those who then stood at the origins of the Foundation of the Mission today remember with great love how enthusiastically they attended classes to learn the language, prayers and the rite of the Liturgy in their native language.

Representatives of a more mature generation, our dear grandparents went to Church every Sunday in any weather with such love and devotion that they passed their enthusiasm on and inspired young people, who were children of atheism ideology, the generation that knew very little about religion and the torments that people suffered for "faith and truth". Today, many of those people have passed away. We express our deep respect to you, our beloved elderly. You will remain an example of courage and loyalty for us.

Dear and beloved parishioners, today we congratulate everyone! I would like to mention with great joy that over the years several generations of Assyrians have joined the spiritual treasury of the Mission: some discovered the Foundation of the Mission in adulthood, some grew up and gained experience with it, and some were born later. Many of our parishioners have moved away and live in different countries of the world, but it does not matter, it is more precious fact that wherever the person, who grew up in the Mission is, he always carries in his heart the warmth of care for his fellow men as well as true faith and this is what is called humanity!

Congratulation on behalf of the parishioners

Today is the 25th anniversary of the day since Father Benyamin Beth Yadgar came to serve in Georgia. On behalf of all who, unfortunately, is not able to be with him this day, however, with all his heart is with his priest, spiritual pastor, brother and most importantly - friend, as well as from those who are no longer with us but forever will stay eternal in his and our hearts; on behalf of the people, whom 25 years ago he decided to share his life with - we express immense gratitude to him because when we suffer hardship, he simply takes our burden on his shoulders and carries it along with us. Our endless thanks for the fact that he is sincerely happy with our success and helps us achieve new victories in every way.

We thank him for the responsibility he takes for us as it makes us feel like a big family of a father who loves us; for his patience, his big heart, where there is a place for all of us - from young to elderly.
We thank him for the invaluable knowledge that he gives us, as well as for participating in truly great works recognized throughout the world for the development of our native language and culture.
We also express our thanks for the fact that not with words, but with his whole life, every day and hour, he proves us that the highest Christian value -love to human beings- is the only reality and the only way that leads to salvation.
We thank him for his love to this country, which has also become his Motherland, as he sincerely loves and is proud of our Georgia.
We, with all our hearts, believe that we will overcome all difficulties and soon will be together in our big and warm house, enjoying the greatest miracle on earth - life. We wish Father Benyamin happiness, health, joy and good luck from the bottom of our hearts!

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