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14.02.2021 / article / #church-tbilisi

On February 14, the Divine Liturgy was held in presence of parishioners, and an online broadcast was also conducted. After the Divine Liturgy, 50 days Lent started. During the seven weeks of Lent, the sermons of Chorbishop Benyamin will be dedicated to the self-improvement of the individual, which, of course, implies one of the most difficult tasks in the life of any person – working on ourselves, so that our principles and understandings of faith coincide with the commandments and testament of Jesus Christ, and are not mere traditions created by us and our own faith, which often goes against the Holy Scriptures.

After the Divine Liturgy, Chorbishop Benyamin presented the ordained deacons with the religious books published this year in Minsk: “The Jerusalem Bible in Modern Aramaic” and “Epistles of Apostle Paul”. The Bible was also given to all those who took part in the work on the books in stages during 8 years.

These books are the fruit of many years' painstaking work by our Church and aim to preserve and pass on to future generations the Holy Scriptures in their native language.

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