26 years since the foundation of the Assyrian-Chaldean Catholic Mission in Georgia
(May 3, 1995)

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26 years since the foundation of the Assyrian-Chaldean Catholic Mission in Georgia
(May 3, 1995)
02.05.2021 / article / ##church-tbilisi

Dear parishioners!

We congratulate everyone on this truly remarkable day in the history of the Assyrians in Georgia. This date will be scribed down in the history of the local Assyrians in golden letters. It is also the particular date that many generations of our ancestors have been waiting for. Unfortunately, many of them did not live to see this happy day to hear the prayer in their native Aramaic, however their children and grandchildren have joined the ancient church traditions and continue the amazing legacy of their ancestors for 26 years. Nowadays, they follow this tradition in the Assyrian-Chaldean Catholic Church of Mar Shemmon Bar Sabbae.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to all those who stood at the origins of Mission foundation and in those difficult years worked for the country together with the young priest Father Benyamin Betyadgar.

We bow down to eternal memory of those who are not among us today, but who will forever remain an example of devotion and steadfastness in the faith.

Our best wishes to those who are always with us. May God grant you, your children, and your grandchildren with the gift of warming the prayer-filled walls of the Mar Shemmon Bar Sabbae Church in Tbilisi with your prayerful breath for many years to come.

And we all express our immense thanks to you, our dear Abuna Benyamin, for coming to us and staying in this unknown and distant country, which has become your native and beloved homeland.

Thank you for bringing up more than one generation in the true faith: in a faith that is alive, responsive, tolerant, merciful, active and progressive; in a faith that teaches you to love, care, forgive, help, respect, understand as well as create, thereby making yourself and the world around you better.

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