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Conference course: "Traits of a healthy personality"
16.06.2021 / article / #church-tbilisi#projects

The Assyrian-Chaldean Catholic Church of Mar Shemmon Bar Sabbae in Tbilisi, under the leadership of Chorbishop Benyamin Betyadgar, has long planned to start a conference course on the topic: "Traits of a healthy personality". This is a kind of youth meetings and Bible meetings with parishioners continuation, which we have been systematically holding for 25 years. This year, due to the pandemic, we had to suspend some educational and religious programs. This prompted us to switch to online broadcasting of the Liturgy and the Aramaic language classes for the younger group.

It can be said that the pandemic factor partially determined the format of our conferences, although without restrictions caused by the corona virus, in the modern world, it is becoming more and more difficult to attend meetings and conferences physically. Many representatives of our youth, however not only them, study or work even on weekends. Thus, the video format makes these conferences available at any time and leads to the target audience increase worldwide. That is why Chorbishop Benyamin will conduct the conferences in Aramaic, which will be accompanied by a Russian translation.

The course of conferences is devoted to the traits of a healthy personality or a healthy person, as he should be, in order to become acceptable and pleasing to another person. Knowledge and analysis of these issues are very important to become acquainted with each other as well as for the mutual and the Holy Scriptures understanding. This will help people to build normal and healthy relationships in society.

We often try to understand what others think, so we ask ourselves: why did they behave this way and not otherwise? And sometimes we think: why am I doing this and can I do it differently? All this is the work of our psyche, one of the most important foundations of human existence, its essence, and everyone, of course, must gain certain information about it.

I hope that this conference course will be useful for you.

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