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08.09.2021 / article / #church-tbilisi#projects

The second year of the pandemic and the most difficult economic situation in our country affected everyone, especially the most vulnerable segments of the population — pensioners, people with disabilities, large families, the unemployed and the needy.

Thanks to the diligence of our dear Abuna Benyamin Betyadegar, as well as generosity and mercy of our dear donors Manuel Boji, Mr. Ron Boji and Mrs. Melody Boji (Detroit, USA), the project to provide the needy with the necessary food and hygiene products will be implemented this year for 8 months (September-April) instead of six and will be able to cover 122 families of Tbilisi, Gardabani, Rustavi and the village of Dzveli Kanda.

This project will once again help many families to survive the existing difficulties, especially this year, when the already difficult economic situation has been aggravated by the pandemic which in many cases caused unemployment.

As usually, in the humanitarian and social projects of our Church for many years, the practical part of the project and namely:

  • purchase of products;
  • on-site unloading;
  • sorting of products;
  • completion by sets depending on the categories;
  • delivery of products to all beneficiaries

will be carried out with the help of our dear volunteers, our church parishioners of different ages. Once again, we express our boundless gratitude to everyone for implementing this project at any stage of its development. We wish you all good health and well-being.

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