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Aims and tasks

There is a great desire to preserve and pass on to future generations priceless monuments of culture and amazing spiritual heritage impregnated with the blood and torments of our fathers and grandfathers who despite the adversity of fate, persecution, social problems and economic hardship brought this spiritual treasury to us so that we, in our turn, would pass it to future generation. It is important to highlight the following main points of the church activity as a religious and cultural center:

Introduction of the people to the Chaldean Rite and religious traditions;
study and preservation of the ancient Eastern chants of our church dated II-III centuries AD and extant to present days thanks to the monks and priests who passed this valuable treasure by means of oral tradition from generation to generation;
introduction of native Aramaic language and writing. The Assyrian-Chaldean Catholic Mission in Georgia throughout the years has made and continues to make all the efforts not to let into oblivion our culture and language of our ancestors, the language which was preached by our lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the language of some fragments of the Old and new Testaments and the language in which up to these days, scattered around the world by fate, Assyrians and Chaldeans are praying to God;
conducting bible meetings with the aim of upbringing of the future generation in accordance with the Christian principles of love, humanity, mercy, forgiveness and tolerance;
study of literary monuments as well as work on ancient Assyrian and Chaldean manuscripts, their restoration and preservation to future generations;
development of national dance and vocal art;
creation of drama groups, staging of performances and study of dramatic art;
celebration of national and religious holidays;
cultural and educational activities with the participation of representatives of different organizations;
maintenance of old and implementation of new spiritual, humanitarian and educational projects.

It is also important to point out that there is no longer such a problem as lack of space for events.
Since January 2010 the church has continued its good tradition in Mar Shemmon Bar Sabbae Assyrian - Chaldean Catholic Church. Children are happy to participate and organize various holidays themselves.
For example, in January 2010 like every year New Year holiday, during which children traditionally get presents, was organized. An exhibition of children's art works was also held. Children took part in the game called “Presidential elections”. During this game all the participants of the junior group presented their presidential program. Every Sunday after the Liturgy, the parishioners gather in the banquet hall where they are treated with hot tea and sweets. People communicate and get to know each other.
Every great holiday parishioners celebrate together like one big family at the holiday table due to the fact that, face to face communication and care for each other are the notions that are missed from our society most of all. We have a lot of projects and initiatives in future but today we can confidently say that the church, as a cultural and religious center, plays a very important role in the consolidation of community as well as in familiarizing people with their native culture and also contributes to the integration of Assyrians in modern society.