The Modern Aramaic Language for Beginners


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The Modern Aramaic Language for Beginners
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Author: Chorbishop Banyamin Beth Yadgar

Language: English

Tbilisi 2018

We began working on this textbook in 2007 entitled “The modern Aramaic language for beginners”.

The textbook is addressed to an adult audience and is intended for everybody who wants to learn the modern Aramaic language. It can be used for work with a teacher or independently. The textbook is informative and includes:

1 Basic information about phonetics and morphology of the modern Aramaic language. Theoretical material is shortened in the book: the information given is necessary to understand a structure of the language.

2 The textbook consists of 35 lessons. The first nine lessons are to learn the alphabet, vowel points and signs.

3 Every following lesson has some information about parts of speech in such order that shows, how to construct a sentence. It also contains tables of verbs and exercises.

4 The textbook includes short topical stories, biblical parables, verses, fables and adapted texts for oral and written composition.

5 The textbook includes dialogues, which are patterns for building construction and speech etiquette forms intended to construct a sentence correctly in everyday life. On the whole, a textual material of the book introduces pupils to the culture and history of people.

6 To make easier perception of material the illustrations are used.

7 At the end of the textbook, there are tables of verbs for each type of all four groups (stems).

8 The textbook also includes an Aramaic–English Dictionary that consists of words used in the textbook. It is practical enough, besides information given about a word, an additional meaning of the word is also given. For example, there is given plural of nouns, adjectives and a root of a verb. In some cases, for a broad outlook is written out using vocabulary. Overall, the dictionary contains 3, 400 words which are arranged in alphabetical order.

9 An audio CD provides correct pronunciation. It helps a learner to pronounce a word with correct intonation and melody. That is the reason why transliteration is not used in the book, except some cases.

The Russian version of the textbook “Modern Aramaic language for Beginners” was published in 2015 in Tbilisi, and in 2018 also the English version of the textbook was published.

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