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16.03.2019 / article / #church-school

In spite of its spiritual twist, the lessons in all public subjects, which were important for development and integration of our children into modern society, were held in Mar Shemmon Bar Sabbae Church school since its foundation in 2000. The school curriculum of the different years included modern Aramaic language lessons, religious eastern chants and history of religion, as well as English, Georgian and computer courses.

The course of psychology for children and teenagers has been included since 2018. The lessons are held in groups. Children psychology is closely connected with various spheres of culture and child upbringing. The work of psychologist at an early stage starts with stating the level of child's development which includes his attention, memory, way of thinking, perception and character peculiarities. The lessons are held by means of games or interesting activities that are easy and fun for children to participate. As a result, memory ability increases or concentration improves. The lessons with psychologist help our children to progress and change to better as well as make work of other teachers in Mar Shemmon Bar Sabbae Church school easier.

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