Examinations at Mar Shemmon Bar Sabbae Church School

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Examinations at Mar Shemmon Bar Sabbae Church School
12.05.2019 / article / #church-school

Today, on May 12 2019, exams in a modern Aramaic language were carried out in two senior groups of Mar Shemmon Bar Sabbae Church school which was founded in 2000 and since 2010 has continued its good will traditions in Saint Martyr Mar Shemmon Bar Sabbae Assyrian-Chaldean Catholic Church. Thanks to 24 years educational activities of the school and Church as a whole, many Assyrians made their way to their native language and writing.

It also should be mentioned that the school reveals the talent of children, their abilities and inclinations, attitude to learning, their personal human qualities as well as character traits. Namely gifted children later become the beneficiaries of the educational projects of Church and obligatory condition, of course, is the study of the native language.

The task of the Church school in addition to educational activities is to consolidate the people. The school is not only the place where children and youth acquire knowledge but also a place where they communicate, learn to be friends, love and respect each other. Our students, living in Gardabani, Kanda and different districts of Tbilisi got acquainted and made friends namely in our school, which is ultimately pleasing as guarantees the future development of the community.

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