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The Feast of Pentecost
31.05.2020 / article / #church-tbilisi/events

My dear parishioners! After three months of quarantine, we express our infinite happiness to meet you. We are glad to have the possibility to come together again and say prayers to our Lord. Of course, these months were difficult for us, as well as for the whole country but we did our best to remain a consolidated church and not forget about the members of our community, supporting them financially, morally and spiritually. Online Liturgies strengthened our spiritual ties with you and gave us the opportunity to adhere to the Holy sacraments by prayers.

It can confidently be said that the following months will not be ordinary as certain restrictions, which we must comply with, remain in force. We hope indeed that with the implementation of all the recommendations and regulations that exist in the country, we will soon be able to come together in our warm home. Once again, I bless and congratulate everyone on the Great feast of Pentecost.

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