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24.12.2021 / article / #christmas#church-tbilisi

On the Bright Feast Eve of the Nativity of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and namely on December 24 at 3 p.m, a Festive Divine Liturgy was held in St. Martyr Mar Shemmon Bar Sabbae Assyrian-Chaldean Catholic Church. The Liturgy was attended by parishioners of Tbilisi, Gardabani and the village of Dzveli Kanda. This year, compared to the previous one, when people could not attend the Christmas Liturgy due to restrictions related to the Covid pandemic, the situation has slightly improved and this made possible for us to gather in Church and in compliance with all the recommendations, celebrated the Great Feast of Christmas.

After the Liturgy, the parishioners did not go down to the banquet hall to celebrate this Feast traditionally, but we gave each other warmth and joy of the face to face communication as well as received a paternal blessing and symbolic gifts from our dear Abuna Benyamin. Abuna Benyamin heartedly thanked everyone for the fact that during these difficult two years of the pandemic, everyone participated in the life of the community as much as possible, supporting each other by volunteering, in the most difficult months, risking their own health; also, by being physically present in the Church at the Liturgy, when it was possible, or by joining us online and being with us in spiritual unity.

Dear brothers and sisters! Today, the whole Church was festively decorated, elegant parishioners gladly crossed the threshold of the Church, listening to the word of God and raising prayers to the Almighty, however the main message of this Feast always remains unchanged - to beautify and prepare our hearts and minds for the acceptance of the Christ child, so that He would be born in our thoughts daily and manifested in our actions and deeds, only then the message of God will be embodied, acquiring its true mission - the birth of light, hope and love.

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