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Divine Liturgy of children Blessing
30.01.2022 / article / #events#church-tbilisi

Unfortunately, last year (in 2021) we were not able to celebrate this day in a happy way: namely with an entertaining  program for children as well as with the participation of animators and favorite fairy-tale characters, in which our volunteers  were disguised, bringing into vision familiar heroes for our little friends. We could not carry out the planned entertainment events also this year due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic, but the Divine Liturgy of children Blessing still took place.

The Liturgy was attended by children of preschool and school age from the parishes of Tbilisi, Gardabani, Rustavi and the village of Dzveli Kanda. They received blessing and anointing with holy oil.

I would like to note that from year to year, an increasing number of children and adolescents take part in the Divine Liturgy: they sing in the church choir, perform the duties of deacons, read excerpts from Holy Scripture in their native language, take an active prayerful part in the Divine Service, thereby joining their native culture and ancient religious traditions. This year we were charmed by the youngest, representatives of the junior group of Mar Shemmon Bar Sabbae Sunday School, who performed a church hymn in their native language.

It is really pleasing to introduce children to their native language and culture, because this is our future, the future of our church, our nation and what kind of future it will be depends on us, on adults namely.

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