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Food and Hygiene Winter Baskets
12.11.2022 / article / #

This year, the project on provision the needy with the necessary food and hygiene products will be carried out for 6 months (November – April) and will cover 114 families of Tbilisi, Rustavi, Gardabani and the village of Dzveli Kanda.
Unfortunately, this project does not lose its actuality, and this year, as well as for many years, it will help a large number of people to survive the harsh winter period, the difficult financial situation caused by the global economic crisis, inflation and unemployment.
We once again express our boundless gratitude to our dear donors: Abuna Manuel Boji, Mr. Roni Boji and Mrs. Melody Boji for their long-term support as, thanks to their responsiveness, we can give a helping hand to the most socially vulnerable layers of the population such as: pensioners, people with disabilities, large families, the unemployed and the needy.
We would also like to note with great joy that Abuna Manuel Boji, who, in addition to financing this project, has been supporting our Church since the first day of its foundation, is now in Tbilisi and can personally participate in the implementation of the project.
Taking this opportunity, we express our boundless gratitude to our wonderful volunteers for their gratuitous work.

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