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Prayer for the unity of Christians
20.01.2023 / article / #

Every year, from January 18 to 25, a week of prayer for the unity of Christians is held. During this period, Christians of different confessions unite and conduct ecumenical prayer.

During the week, Christian communities in different countries  pray together for peace and unity to come between them. This tradition is  more than 100 years old all over the world. The Christian communities in Georgia have been joining such ecumenical prayer for more than twenty years.

During the week, the clergy and parishioners pray together. Only four churches in Georgia join such prayer: Catholic Church, Armenian Apostolic Church, Evangelical Lutheran and Evangelical Baptist Churches. By tradition, an ecumenical prayer is held every year in one of these churches.


In 2021, ecumenical prayer was held in the Evangelical Lutheran Church, in 2022 in the Armenian Apostolic Church, and this year in the Assyrian-Chaldean Catholic Church of St. Martyr Mar Shemmon Bar Sabbae in Tbilisi.

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