Book Publishing


Book Publishing: Preface

Activity of the ASSYRIAN-CHALDEAN CATHOLIC CHURCH IN GEORGIA is versatile and develops into various fields, including the spiritual and social life of the community. One of such directions of spiritual and educational activity of the Church is publishing books. It was conditioned on the one hand in the absence of corresponding spiritual and secular literature in Russian and Georgian languages and on the other hand, an urge towards a simple spiritual contribution to the treasury of our people.

An initiator, direct leader and participant of all above - mentioned projects, is Chorbishop Benyamin Beth Yadgar. Thanks to his erudition, selfless labor and his boundless love to our Mother Tongue, culture and ancient spiritual traditions of our people, these books were published. Also thanks to Chorbishop Benyamin and his lessons for studying the modern Aramaic language, which began during the establishment of the Mission, almost every generation of Assyrians and Chaldeans in Georgia learned the Mother Tongue and script.

Throughout the years various publications were completed.